Blogs in English:

1. Wikileaks : Finland Should Offer Asylum to Julian Assange (Le Monde Diplomatique blog in January 2011)

2. From the “Social Dimension” to European Social/Democracy and Beyond (11 October 2013)

3. Can the EU Change? Two Conferences in Brussels in October 2013 on the Social Dimension of the EMU and European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (18 October 2013)

4. Change Europe! A Report from the 4th Party Congress of the European Left (15 December 2013)

5. Democratic Global Keynesianism: A Long-overdue Vision Of Progressive Politics (Social Europe blog 22 January 2014 )

6. The Crimean Crisis! (3 March 2014)

7. Economic Shock Absorbers for the Eurozone. Deepening the Debate on Automatic Stabilizers (24 June 2014)

8. The Legitimation Crisis of the EU: What Is to be Done? (13 August 2015)

9. A new global financial crisis? (24 August 2015)

10. On the state of the EU/ Euro –debate in Finland (20 October 2015)

11. A Year since LuxLeaks and It’s Still Business as Usual (4 November 2015)

12. Politics, the Reality of Time, and the Singularity of Cosmos (a book review-essay of R.M. Unger & L. Smolin, 2015, The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time; 28 November 2015)

13. EU’s Neighbourhood Policy, Russia, and the Conflict in Ukraine (13 December 2015)

14. A Comment on Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: On the Geo-Historical Emergence of Language and Social Complexity (26 December 2015)

15. Beyond Plan B and C: On the Use of Citizens’ Initiative and Referenda (22 January 2016)

16. Preparing for Plan B in Paris (29 January 2016)

17. On the Constitution of Corporate Power: What Is to Be Done? (25 February 2016)

18. Where Are The Public Intellectuals In International Relations? (22 March 2016)

19. The European Union at the Crossroads (24 June 2016)

20. Anwar Shaikh’s Capitalism: A New Foundation for Economic Theory? (a book review-essay of Anwar Shaikh, 2016, Capitalism. Competition, Conflict, Crisis; 30 July 2016)

21. Explaining the Emergence of Global Regulation of Private Security Service Providers (International Studies Quarterly online, part of a symposium on Avant’s paper; 31 Oct 2016)

22. Plan B in Copenhagen in November 2016 (26 November 2016)

23. Toward a Common European Corporate Tax and Full EU Fiscal Capacity: Four Scenarios (18 March 2017)

24. Disintegrative Tendencies in Global Political Economy: Exits and Conflicts (2 August 2017)

25. (Mis)uses of Quantum Theory in Our Real Evolutionary Cosmos, part I (9 August 2017)

26. (Mis)uses of Quantum Theory in Our Real Evolutionary Cosmos, part II (12 August 2017)

27. On the Conditions of Successful Social Democratic Alternatives (Brave New Europe blog, republished here on 13 October 2017)

28. Are We Heading for Another Economic Crash? (originally published as part of State of Nature “One Question: Economic Crash” forum, 15 January 2018)

29. A New Approach to EU Convergence (originally published in The Progressive Post #7, Winter 2018; this blog version 15 February 2018)

30. The Finnish University Strike 2018: A New Moment in the Process of Turning Universities into Business Corporations (originally published by Brave New Europe, 17 March 2018)

31. Crisis of Globalisation: From Its Causes to Emancipation (originally published in a series on the Crisis of Globalisation by Social Europe, 6 June 2018)

32. The Capitalist Realism of ‘Seveneves’ (6 July 2018)

33. Trump and Putin: After Helsinki (22 July 2018)

34. On the Conditions of Successful Universal Basic Income (originally published as a part of the One Question forum on Universal Basic Income, 30 July 2018)

35. Uncertain Future of the EU: The Role of Reflexive Anticipations (originally published by Brave New Europe, 30 January 2019)

36. A World Political Party: The Time Has Come (originally published as GTI essay on 14 February 2019)

37. Party Time?: Author’s Response (contribution and response to a GTI roundtable on A World Political Party: The Time Has Come, originally published on 14 February 2019)

38. Why a New Referendum on Brexit Is Justified (24 March 2019)

39. Elections in Finland: What will change, if anything? (originally published by Brave New Europe, 5 April 2019)

40. The Climate Movement: What’s Next? (9 July 2019)

41. Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution – Beyond Quantum Irrationality (26 July 2019)

42. Think Cosmically, Act Globally (17 August 2019)

43. Modern monetary theory – Populist Rhetoric or a Credible Alternative? (1 January 2020)

44. Layers of Optimism and Pessimism about the Future: 2020s and Beyond (30 January 2020)

45. The Future as Alter-Globalisation (17 March 2020)

46. The COVID-19 Crisis – A Turning Point for the European Project (4 April 2020)

47. Conjuring the Spirits of the Present (18.4.2020)

48. Let’s dress citizens’ clothes on the emperor. Critical notes on expert practices in the corona crisis (28.5.2020)

49. Have We Reached a Turning Point for the European Project? (23.11.2020)

50. Practising Big History (3.2.2021)

51. The shaping of our historical moment: contribution to GTI forum “Interrogating the anthropocene: truth and fallacy” (12.2.2021)

52. Scales of time and human freedom in world history: a personal account (7.4.2021)

53. Contradictory developments in the 2020s: progressive learning vs the increasingly likely possibility of a global military catastrophe (26.1.2022)

54. Non-alignment of Ukraine and the no-harm principle of John Stuart Mill (25.4.2022)

55. Finland and Sweden in NATO: where we stand and with what possible consequences? (5.5.2022)

56. The end of the Nordic ideal: Finland and Sweden joining NATO (2.6.2022)

57. Economic Impacts of Population Reduction (17.8.2022)

58. The imperative of de-escalation in Ukraine: negotiations and possible solutions (2.12.2022)

59. Towards a Negotiated Peace Agreement in Ukraine (4.1.2023)

60. Finnish elections 2023: further shifts to the right coincide with NATO membership (3.4.2023)

61. Towards a ‘field theory’ of global political economy (9.5.2023)

62. Emerging stories to live by (10.5.2023)

63. The causes of war in Ukraine: on dialectical method and the role of global political economy (29.7.2023)

64. DiEM25: Democracy in Europe and beyond (17.11.2023)