A World Political Party: The Time Has Come

February 15, 2019

Shared problems require shared action. The world economy and deepening global risks bind us together, but we lack the collective global agency required to address them. A sustainable global future will be impossible without a fundamental shift from the dominant national mythos to a global worldview, and the concomitant creation of institutions with transformative political agency. A world political party would be well-suited to bring about such a shift. Although such a party will not materialize overnight, it can emerge from the chrysalis of activism and experimentation already forming on the world stage. The transnational Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) is a compelling experiment in this vein, providing useful lessons for a world political party proper. Although the challenges to forming a transformative world party are profound, the risks of inaction are grave—and the rewards of success momentous. [This text was published originally as GTI essay on 14 February 2019]

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Uncertain Future of the EU: The Role of Reflexive Anticipations

January 31, 2019

The future of the EU is highly uncertain. Reflexive anticipations based on misleading economic theories play a key role in making it so uncertain. The EU system of governance is premised on false beliefs that it then reproduces in a self-fulfilling manner. [This blog was originally published at the Brave New Europe site on 30 January 2019, available here.]

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On the Conditions of Successful Universal Basic Income

July 30, 2018

Whether universal basic income (UBI) is worthy of support depends on how it is implemented. The idea of BI is old, but one of its best-known recent supporters has been Milton Friedman. For many economists like Friedman, it is only a negative income tax that is intended to replace most or all forms of social security and public services. The result would be an ever-more privatised market-based society. This is in sharp contrast to classical social democracy, where especially health and education are seen as areas of social life that should be decommodified. [This text was originally published as a part of the One Question forum on Universal Basic Income on 30 July 2018.]

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Trump and Putin: After Helsinki

July 22, 2018

Former CIA Director John Brennan, numerous pundits and a large part of US public opinion are accusing Trump of treason on the basis of what happened in Helsinki. The accusation is that Trump betrayed his country by endorsing Putin’s denial of meddling over FBI’s and CIA’s view that Russia interfered in the US elections.

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